Location: Santiago & Valparaiso, Chile May 2014

“Street Dog Anthem,” is a short form documentary that discusses the different perspectives and issues regarding the stray dog crisis in Chile. Many dogs don’t have homes, owners or collars with identification. Despite efforts that are being taken by veterinary and neutering clinics, most dogsĀ are not spayed/neutered and many dogs simply roam the streets of Chile without anybody paying attention to their needs, injuries or general well-being. The streets, and even some college campuses, have become their homes. “Street Dog Anthem” tries to give a voice to these abandoned animals through civilians that are advocating for change, defending them, and explaining the mentality that many Chileans have towards stray dogs.

Director/Producer/Director of Photography/Editor: Dimitra Korri

Additional Photography: Joey Filer, Marissa Cameron & John Goheen